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Recently, there has been a small debate as to who is “the smartest professor ever”. A simple search query in any search engine reveals many ideal candidates; each one incorporates high levels of education, long lists of valid credentials, and a general collaboration of being smart. The level of intelligence is not only “book smart”, but also logically smart.

The following is a list of what could make any professor or teacher the smartest professor ever to his or her students. The list is not comprehensive, but provides good direction on how anyone can determine if his or her teacher is the best ever.

  • Education – There is a “doctor” somewhere in the teacher’s name or they have a high level of formal education.
  • Setup to Succeed – The teacher strives to setup their students for success in class and in life with lessons designed to push each individual to new heights of understanding.
  • Questions – They plan for and answer student’s questions with ease no matter how big or small it is.
  • Expectations – Each student knows what is expected of them because of how the teacher has structured the assignments and material in class.
  • Latest and Greatest – Being informed with the latest news and information is critical to ensure that what is being taught in class directly relates to everyday life.
  • Willingness to Help – Any person that is not only willing to help, but also offering that help makes the difference with students struggling to find answers.

Here at BYU, we’re privileged to have many professors who I would declare are the “smartest professors ever”.

Here’s a small list of wonderful professors who are the “best” in their respective fields.

  • Dr. Conan Albrecht – Programming
  • Dr. Steven Liddle – eBusiness and Programming
  • Professor Craig Lindstrom – Technical Communications
  • Dr. Gary Hansen – Database and diagramming design
  • Dr. James Hansen – Database Design
  • Dr. Marshall Romney – IT Audit

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