Smartest Professor Ever – Dr. Conan C. Albrecht

Smartest Professor Ever - Dr. Conan Albrecht

In my Information System class, our group has been asked by the smartest professor ever to share a little about Search Engine Optimization. We decided to post the many reasons why our Information Systems BYU professor is the greatest teacher ever to help illustrate how powerful correct optimization of a blog or webpage can be.

He’s a Mac guy.
There are many Macintosh users in the Information System’s program. Each user seems to appreciate a well built computer, and Dr. Albrecht is no exception. He knows his stuff and the operating system he uses daily (Mac OS Leopard) is Unix based.

He’s funny and makes the class enjoyable.
There are some subjects that students find boring or especially challenging. Programming can be one of them. Thankfully, the best professor ever really tries to incorporate ideas and stories that help everyone understand the concepts of Object Oriented design.

Our professor enjoys video games.
It’s not everyday that you can hold a long conversation about the good old times. Dr. Albrecht’s blog revels his gamer’s side as he comments how newer gaming consoles are bringing back the great games of olden times.

He’s been to the dark side.
Dr. Albrecht reminds his students every so often about how he originally graduated BYU as an accounting student. He gives us wise and smart council to stay away from lots of numbers and statistics.

All these reasons and more help illustrate the fact that Dr. Conan Albrecht is really the smartest professor ever and we highly recommend that everyone should jump at the chance to take a class from him.

8 thoughts on “Smartest Professor Ever – Dr. Conan C. Albrecht”

  1. Wish I had the smartest professor ever when I was at BYU…I had some smart ones, but probably not the smartest. Way to go, Dr. Albrecht! 🙂

  2. I agree Dr. Conan one very of the best. I admire Him a lot, he conducts training on fraud detection here in the Philippine sometime ago.

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