Mount a USB HFS+ Volume on a Synology NAS

UPDATE: In the next major update (4.3), Synology will be supporting HSF+ natively. If you really need this functionality, I highly recommend downloading the 4.3 beta. ———————————- I recently purchased a Synology DS213Air NAS to backup all my files. Since I use a Mac at home, there were several HFS+ volumes that I needed to … Read more

My Quest to Find the Best High Speed Photo Scanner

UPDATE: I’ve changed my recommendation as to what the best high speed photo scanner is. My mom loves to take pictures. She always had a camera with her to make sure that every moment of our childhood was captured. As a result we have tubs and tubs full of pictures hiding in a closet. My … Read more

Save and Export Yahoo Mail on Your Computer

A long time ago, I got a Yahoo! mail account long before the wonderful Gmail was available. All my friends had Yahoo accounts and we all slowly migrated to using Gmail or other services. I kept the account active to use for Yahoo services, but recently it was hacked since I used a fairly basic … Read more

How to Open a Western Digital Elements 500GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive Case

[amazon template=iframe image&asin=B002CZQ4GU]I found myself needing to upgrade my MacBook Pro. So I went out and bought a WD 500gb Elements drive (External p/n:WDBAAR5000ABK-NESN Internal p/n:WD5000BEVT) to quickly swap out my old drive and get some needed space. Before actually performing the upgrade though, I cloned it using Carbon Copy Cloner and when that was … Read more